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  • Computer Science Article

    Career planning is one of the most crucial factors in your life, this needs no emphasis. And, planning of a career is so important at least for two reasons. First, whether you opt for a job or prefer to be on your own, one should understand that there is a fierce competition in every walk of life. In view of the emerging new technologies, and the advent of World Wide Web, world is at your doorstep. And, the Information technology (IT) revolution and globalisation of the economy, there are now more and more options for the students to choose from. You will have to look for these options. Remember also that these are days of specialisation. Intermediate or 10+2 is the formative age to shape your career.
  • English Article

    English language is a window through which world can be seen its continuously expanding form, within a very short span of journey, it acquired a status of world language due to open-ended nature. Ability and flexibility to accept all other languages in its application is the main beauty of this language. Phonetic aspect, linguistic accuracy, stylistic supremacy, lexical and syntactical flexibility and many other factors make it one of the most coveted languages. A group of teachers who are assigned with the task of English teaching and transfusion of knowledge form a department known as department of English. In today’s scenario of fast moving life and world of computer, this language is becoming a crunch to each discipline of knowledge. Teachers try to the best of their capacity to improve student’s linguistic / communicative aspect of personality. Harmonious developments of all inherent linguistic faculties of a student are eternal pledge of the institution and our department.
  • Mathematics Article

    Students learn Mathematics within as assessment process, which includes students demonstrating what they know and what they can do in different ways and students feedback from their peers and teachers. Assessment is the process of collecting information from a variety of sources that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving the expectations; Teachers need time and support to develop knowledge of mathematics for teaching.